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Frequently Asked Questions


Which clients does AM Agency has?

AM Agency dedicates 100% of the resources to work directly for one app in the entertainment industry, this app is BIGO Live. It is one of the most profitable social media apps in the world and upcoming in Europe.

BIGO Live is a place where users share live moments, showcase their talents, interact with their fans and send virtual incentives, all on a livestream worldwide. Our talents, who are Official Broadcasters for BIGO, get paid for their content creation on the app.


How can I become an Official Host on BIGO Live?

We are the first agency recruiting for BIGO Live UK, since August 2018. We introduce Talents/Hosts to BIGO Live UK through an audition. The audition must be scheduled as soon as the host has downloaded the BIGO Live App - this can’t take more than 10 days. 

If you wish to join, please apply by filling in the following application form. Our team will reply within 2 working days:


Do I have to pay a fee to apply?

Not at all!


Do I have to pay a fee if I join and do not work?

Not at all!


Why do I have an audition?

BIGO UK must register your profile as an Official Broadcaster to keep track of your work and get paid for it on a monthly basis.


What does the audition entitle?

The audition to become a UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live entitles you going live on the App for at least 15 minutes. 

During this time, the AM Agency Team will monitor your live to make sure everything is going well. BIGO Live UK will  watch a couple of minutes so your live must look impeccable at all time.

Prior to your audition, an AM Agency Team Member will video-call you that way you can ask all the questions you need and receive the best tips to do a successful audition and future live streams.

After 3 working days, BIGO Live UK will confirm the audition result and the AM agency will notify you immediately by email.


Can I audition and drop out of the job?

Yes, at any time. You must communicate it by sending us a written email or message.


What are the criteria to apply and become a UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live?

To become a UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live you must be over 18, be based in the UK, be able to work over 35 hours a month on the App and be keen on making new friends!


Do I need to be an influencer to become a UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live?

Not at all, anyone can apply. We are going to guide you to help you network and increase your number of followers. We currently represent hosts who got 10K new fans in their first month!


When can I start working?

BIGO Live UK monitors your work every calendar month so you will get paid by the end of the next calendar month.

If you audition before the 15th of the month (included), you can start working on that calendar month.
If you audition after the 16th of the month (included), you will start working on the 1st day of the next calendar month.


How will my work schedule be?

It is very flexible as you can go live at any time of the day. You manage your time.


How do I get money from livestreaming?

You will go live every month and achieve a minimum specific amount of hours and engagement (target). 

There are 14 targets, so you can increase your earnings every month. They depend on your engagement with fans, time dedication, content quality and strategy. We will guide you to make sure you hit the minimum targets and much more!


What am I supposed to do during my lives?

The BIGO Live App is based on creating live content while socializing.

Basically, the livestreams consist in you being in front of your phone camera and speaking with people from all over the world. They will pop into your live-stream and chat with you.

The subjects can be random, such as talking about your own life or subjects suggested by your fans. Topics such as hobbies, music, films, cooking, professions, jokes, make-up, holidays, are great for this community who wants to have a nice time chatting and likes to learn from others. You can also sing or play an instrument if you wish to, whatever you feel comfortable with.


How much money per month can I make by becoming a UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live with AM Agency?

The amount of money you can make on BIGO Live per month completely depends on the amount of work you put into this job.

Depending on the number of hours you live stream, the content you live stream, the official events you book and how you network, you can make hundreds or thousands of pounds each month!

Obviously, you have to start somewhere, so it will take you a couple of weeks to build up your engagement with fans and realise how worth and profitable it is! You will meet great UK Official Broadcasters who will share their experience on the App with you.


Any more questions? Feel free to contact us just below!