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AM Agency has already worked with a lot of Influencers from platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. They all went live on the App for several days to discover the BIGO Live App, and to have fun with their fans and viewers! You can see the promotional videos made by all the influencers we worked with below:

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(8.6M on TikTok)


(3.5M on TikTok)

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(128K on Instagram)


(163K on Instagram)

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(309K on Instagram)


(406K on Instagram)

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AM Agency's Official Broadcasters already had the chance to be featured in YouTube videos from both Lee Hinchcliffe (376K subscribers) and Mikey Pearce (396K subscribers). These famous YouTubers went live on the BIGO Live App and interacted with some of our hosts to discover and promote the App. You can check out both videos below and see what's the one word our hosts use to describe the BIGO Live App and other fun content!!

Have fun! (1).png
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