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Do you want to become one of our hosts?

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Feel free to apply to become a new UK Official Broadcaster on BIGO Live if you are:

  • Over 18

  • Based in the UK

  • Available several hours a week

  • Keen on making new friends!

Broadcasting is a huge business in East Asia. AM Agency is very lucky to be the first agency working with BIGO Live UK and expanding since then, with a large team of professional hosts in the UK!


This App is based on creating live content while socializing.

Of course, our job is to produce very decent and professional content, you can check out our new Instagram page in which there are some examples of the people we represent and who get paid on a monthly basis.


Basically, the live streams consist of you being in front of your phone camera and speaking with people from all over the world. They will pop into your live-stream and chat with you.

The subjects can be random, such as talking about your own life or subjects suggested by your fans. Topics such as hobbies, music, films, cooking, professions, jokes, make-up, holidays, are great for this community who wants to have a nice time chatting and likes to lear from others. You can also sing or play an instrument if you wish to, whatever you feel comfortable with!


You just need to be yourself, chat with your audience and people will get to know you, follow you and come more regularly to say hi and speak with you. 


We will guide you to produce good content and offer you the best opportunities to increase your exposure and number of fans!


This job is great as you can secure money every month by working from home (no need to commute!) and speaking with people from all around the world!


If you are interested, please, let us know, we will explain the next steps to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Become a UK Official Broadcaster!

Thank you for submitting your application!